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Default Re: Shannon Marie: Seventeen

Originally Posted by Emily
One could even interpret the competition between the two models in the picture as a metaphor for the conflict between the timeless ideal of femininity, and the modern, anorexic fashion standard. And in that contest -- when Classical beauty is represented by Shannon Marie, its greatest living exemplar -- the androgynous look doesn't stand a chance.

This is SO true. I actually gasped when I saw this picture for the first time - and the people beside me craned their necks to see what had amazed me so much. I took the opportunity to do an impromptu poll, and everyone agreed that Shannon is the loveliest model they had ever seen.

I really like the comparison idea that Emily presents. It reminds me of the quotes on this site's survey page, from the novels of Bronte and other Victorian writers, which describe gorgeous, curvy, blonde vixens who are in competition with less attractive, shrewd, "morally superior" heroines (usually brunette, usually thin), who are oh-so-practical, and in "proper control" of their appetites and passions.

In those Victorian novels, the resentful, mousy heroines usually triumph; but the fuller-figured, buxom, spoiled, feminine blondes that are described in the quotes always seem like the livelier and more interesting characters, even though they're supposed to be the antagonists.

When I see this picture of Shannon Marie, I like to think of it showing the triumph of the voluptuous blonde over those boring, self-depriving, morally/politically correct characters.
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