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Default Re: Shannon Marie: Seventeen

You know, there have been many pictures of stunningly beautiful and authentically curvy models posted on the site recently, from Charlotte Coyle to Kelsey Olson to Kailee O'Sullivan to Katherine Roll, but really, Shannon surpasses them all, and my heart still aches that she went on hiatus.

It's incomprehensible to think of how many photographic masterpieces we were all deprived of because the industry didn't understand what a priceless treasure it had in her.

If the powers-that-be had capitalized on her talent and potential, I seriously believe that plus-size fashion would be much further along today, because it would have had a representative in Shannon so indisputably gorgeous that she would have made plus-size-beauty believers of anyone who saw her work.

She's heartbreakingly lovely in this photo; and yes, her beauty, remarkable from the very beginning, grew even more radiant as she became curvier. I'll bet she's even more gorgeous today. A part of me will never stop hoping that she might return.
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