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Default Re: ''Say No to Size Zero'' (campaign)

The story behind Katie Green's campaign is an interesting one. This article is kind of pointlessly gossipy, but it gives a more precise account of the circumstances that led this model to start this petition:

Modelling sensation Katie Green dramatically quit her dream Wonderbra job after being told she was too f**. The sexy 30F was hired for the famous firm's real woman ads campaign but was then told to lose two stone [28 lbs]in weight.

It's sickening to think that any client would basically try to force a model to starve. That is, without exaggeration, a practically criminal act. It should be against any profession's most basic code of standards and practices. It's an attempt to put a girl's health at risk.

The article also includes a conversation between the Minister of Parliament who is backing the petition, and Ms. Green:

LO: Not a single person I know has said to me that Katie looks f**. In fact it has been quite the opposite, they say she is beautiful, intelligent and great fun.

KG: I was extremely flattered because in the past it was just women who approached me on the topic, but [Minister of Parliament] Lembit came across, patted me on the back and said well done.

LO: The fact she was pretty much forced out of her job is disgraceful. I really admire the fact she wants to make people realise you don't have to starve yourself to become a model

It really is an appalling situation that this client told Ms. Green (who, as the pictures show, is closer to being underweight than curvy, let alone full-figured) to lose weight, let alone 28 lbs. She deserves a round of applause for rejecting such an absurd stipulation, and instead starting such a positive campaign.

If only all models would similarly reject calls by clients or bookers to starve themselves, the industry would be far less toxic than it is today. I hope that many young models will follow Ms. Green's example in the future.
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