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Default Re: Greece still loves curvy beauty (article)

I absolutely loved this article- I myself live in Australia but with an entirely Greek heritage, so these words rang very true for me.

Is it really any surprise that a country which is so connected to its history and heritage still values the timeless, full-figured beauty aesthetic? Greece is extremely proud of the beautiful Classical ruins of buildings which grace its land, and so it should also be proud of the voluptuous and beautiful women which live side-by-side with these places of history.

The food is soaked in olive oil, everything is topped with crumbling feta.

They don't care if their hips spill out over the top of their pants; they just order another round of olives and ouzo.

The love of food is one of the wonderful characteristics of Greek culture, and weight-related concerns about diving into the hearty meals and sweet desserts are nowhere to be found. It is a wonderfully common sight to see Greek women eating as much as they like whenever they like, and beautifying their figures in the process.

Thank you for posting this; it has made me even prouder of my heritage.
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