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Default Christina Schmidt for Nygard

For weeks--months, even--fans have been eagerly awaiting two particicular campaigns of the coming season. And now, at last, the first image from one of these has been released--that being Christina Schmidt's FW 2009 promotion for Nygard (or, give it its proper name, Nygård).

Nygård is a well-known label that is widely distributed throughout North America--most notably by The Bay in Canada, and by Dillard's in the U.S. For Christina to appear in a campaign for this label is a significant career success. And as expected, the first image from the promotion is a masterpiece.

Christina exudes effortless charm, her round facial features lovelier than ever. Her smile is carefree and easygoing; her eyes sparkle with wit and a newfound maturity. She has grown out her hair again, and looks absolutely gorgeous. She appears both youthful and sophisticated, fresh yet elegant--perfect for the Nygård attire.

This banner is a preview of a major campaign for the entire Nygård lineup, and raises fans' anticipation even further for more images from the promotion.

- Click here to view image at the Nygård site

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