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Default Men prefer curves; women think men don't (study)

Here is an astounding new article that demonstrates just how misguided women are when it comes to knowing what figure-types men actually prefer.

The title of the article makes the point:

85% of Single Men Would Date Heavy Women; 90% of Single Women Feel Men Can't See Past a Few Extra Pounds

That explains a LOT about what is wrong with society when it comes to appreciating feminine curves. Men DO love full-figured women - but women just dont believe this.

Here is the link:

And the facts:

A whopping 85% of single men professed their love for heavier women...

Since the beginning of time, men and women have failed to understand each other and this latest poll shows that this continues. While the majority of men have no issue with an "over"weight woman, 90% of women think men find extra weight unattractive, and that heavy women have a much harder time dating.

"These poll results show such a significant discrepancy in the way men feel about dating overweight women, and what women think men are looking for when it comes to relationships. Unfortunately, these types of misconceptions between the sexes are extremely common, and result in a lot of missed dating and relationship opportunities," said Shira Zwebner... "At the end of the day, what's important to men is that the women they date be open and receptive to being loved and to giving love, not whether or not they're a perfect size zero. And once "over"weight women realize that men aren't looking for a thin woman, they'll have a lot more self-confidence when dating, which will ultimately result in more successful romances."

Some of you will be thinking - "Do they just mean 'overweight' as in faux-plus?" The answer is NO. The survey specifically determined just how full-figured a woman can be for men to find her attractive. Here is the result:

if you would date an overweight woman, how heavy can she be?

Following are the complete results:

She can be obe**; it doesn't matter as long as I love her: 79.9%

So not only are 85% of men attracted to "over"weight women, nearly 80% even find so-called "obe**" women attractive!

In other words, the vast majority of men even find women who are way beyond "plus-size" absolutely gorgeous.

And yet almost all women dont accept this. 90% are of the delusion that men only find thin women attractive.

Its just appalling.

It shows, once again, how terribly brainwashed women are by the media about what ideal beauty really is, and about who men actually find attractive.
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