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Default Re: Shannon Marie: Seventeen

Originally Posted by Hannah
It reminds me of the quotes on this site's survey page, from the novels of Bronte and other Victorian writers, which describe gorgeous, curvy, blonde vixens who are in competition with less attractive, shrewd, "morally superior" heroines (usually brunette, usually thin), who are oh-so-practical, and in "proper control" of their appetites and passions.

In those Victorian novels, the resentful, mousy heroines usually triumph; but the fuller-figured, buxom, spoiled, feminine blondes that are described in the quotes always seem like the livelier and more interesting characters, even though they're supposed to be the antagonists.

I agree! I was just browsing though the forum today and discovered this thread. I dont know how I originally missed it! Shannon looks GORGEOUS in the picture, and any guy would choose her soft beauty over the stick-like brunette. Its not just Shannons figure - her face looks rounder and fuller and more feminine than that of her sallow, harsh-faced rival in her green-with-envy dress.

As for the archetypal blonde/brunette rivalry, you still see this in Hollywood all the time, with movies like Sydney White, Starter for 10, Mean Girls, etc., which pit vain, princess-like blondes against more tomboyish, "outsider" brunettes. The popular blondes are always depicted as the villains, and the "edgy" brunettes as the "better choice", but I never buy it. First of all, the blondes are always much more exciting characters, with more spark, more glamour. Second, you just know, instinctively, that in real life, people with the disposition of the brunettes in these films would also be resentful, bitterly jealous, and would be bullies - not physically, but intellectually. I think this picture captures that perfectly. It really is a masterpiece, and tells a compelling story - one with a happy ending, as the GQ saw past the schemes of the malicious brunette, and chose the fair angel instead.

And no other model could have more perfectly embodied the ideal beauty of the blonde goddess than Shannon Marie.

She really is the most beautiful model ever, and became more gorgeous every year she was modelling. I have no doubt that she is even lovelier today. I still wish she would return...
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