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Default Loss and recovery

(Originally posted on The Judgment of Paris Forum, April 25th, 2004, in response to a comment by Melanie about a building featured in the external link, in the above post.)

The building to which you refer is called the Knochenhaueramtshaus, in the historic town of Hildesheim. Before the war, it was widely regarded as "the most beautiful half-timbered building in the world," an ideal representation of the storybook-like, medieval architectural style that Wagner immortalized in Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg.

As noted in the essay linked in the above post, not only was the building destroyed in the war, but, to add insult to injury, a ghastly modernist glass-box hotel was subsequently erected in its place.

(You can orient yourself in these pictures by the stone well, in the left-foreground.)

But the townspeople of Hildesheim refused to abide this aesthetic tyranny, and the memory of the beauty that they had lost endured.

And so, in the 1980s, Hildesheim took the extraordinary step of demolishing the hated new building, and resurrecting the beloved Knochenhaueramtshaus.

Likewise, the 20th-century media may have eradicated the timeless ideal of feminine beauty, and imposed in its place an inhuman, artificial standard,

but soon, this androgynous imposition will be cleared away, and we will recover the timeless ideal of femininity--just as the people of Hildesheim and Dresden restored landmarks of beauty that seemed irretrievably lost.

(Luscious Kati Kochanski modelling for Fashion Bug, Summer 2003.)

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