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Default ''Dangerous Liaisons'' at the Met

(Originally posted on The Judgment of Paris Forum, April 24, 2004, as a follow-up to the above post.)

Further to the topic of integrating settings and fashion, an interesting new exhibition will be opening at the Metropolitan Museum in New York at the end of April, titled Dangerous Liaisons: Fashion and Furniture in the 18th Century.

The exhibit promises to examine "dress and its aesthetic interplay with art, furniture, and the broader decorative arts between 1750 and 1789," and--enticingly--"the dressed body's spatial negotiation of the 18th-century interior as a choreography of seduction and erotic play."

Although this exhibition focusses on the artistic products of one particular era, in examining the "interplay" of the decorative arts in the Rococo, visitors will be able to learn much about the notion of artistic harmony in general, and the idea of giving beauty a particular character that is carried through in various artistic forms.

Because the exhibition is sponsored by Conde Nast, it will undoubtedly neglect to point out that the "dressed body" in Boucher's France was predominantly a full-figured one. Nevertheless, this show could be a fruitful source of inspiration for anyone who is currently involved in the world of art and fashion. It is yet another example of the influence of the Aesthetic Restoration, as a growing number of contemporary artisans look past the confines of the 20th century for creative stimulus.

- ''Dangerous Liaisons'' at the Met

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