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Thumbs up Re: Men prefer curves; women think men don't (study)

I remember when Cindy Crawford was all the rage. I looked at her, leaned my head to the right, then over to the left . . . and I just didn't see it.

She was just too thin! She wasn't the least bit attractive to me. So I started casually bringing the question up to my brother and friends.

I was shocked at how many felt the way I did. "Too thin" was pretty much the universal consensus. None of them found her really attractive.

We joked, "You'd be afraid to hug her. You might break something."

But women couldn't believe we felt that way. They thought we were just making it up, like we were playing some kind of practical joke on them.

It was kind of insulting really. We were actually accused of lying when we said we preferred fuller figured women to women Crawford's size.
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