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Default Re: Toothless government ''charters''

Ms Ellis said the government was not "going to war" against skinny models or trying to promote so-called plus-size models.

"It's about diversity," she said.

Actually, it's not about 'diversity'. It's about beauty, and until that change in thinking is made, no real progress will be made.

Teenage girls don't care about diversity, they care about being beautiful and attractive. Full-figured girls won't care if plus-size models are included for the sake of 'diversity', unless they are included in a beautiful context. This politically-correct idea of 'diversity' is almost insulting: 'We still think emaciation is beautiful, but we have to begrudgingly include a few plus-size girls for the sake of being inclusive'.

Not until people realise that using full-figured models is indeed about beauty, and openly state their preference, will there be a real change in thinking. Just as important is the slamming of ridiculous weight myths which cause people to wave the thin flag in defense of 'health'.

In fact, this could even be damaging to the cause of size celebration. When people look at the 'average' 'real' women, and compare them to the professional waif models, they will think the unattractiveness of the former is due to lack of starvation. This mindset is what needs to change, and fast, before more damage is done.

Bring us images of full-figured beauty, and then we might see a real change. Until then, the thin=beautiful falsehood will continue to prevail.
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