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Default Re: Men prefer curves; women think men don't (study)

There is simply no end to the evidence that most men prefer fuller-figured women. Another new study out of Britain confirms this:

The point:

Why curves will get you a man

Survey finds men like plump partners

Posted: Tuesday 27 Oct 2009

DON'T guilt yourself over that mid-afternoon sugar hit - it turns out men prefer curvy woman to stick-thin size-zeros.
A survey of more than a thousand people found a staggering 89 per cent of men...preferred a bed partner with more meat on their bones.

Respondents to the Silentnight survey felt curvier partners were more considerate of their feelings, try harder to impress, are more "giving" and have "more to love" than their stick-thin rivals...

There's even some science behind the preference. Apparently skinny people have more pressure points where blood settles in their body - forcing them to toss and turn more frequently than their plumper counterparts.

It all results in an interrupted night's sleep.

Silentnight sleep scientist Iftikhar Mirza said: “Curvy women all over should be feeling pretty happy right now.”

Still more reason for girls to stop punishing themselves with exercise-torture, and to just enjoy life's pleasures. Doing so actually improves their appeal.
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