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Default Re: ''Say No to Size Zero'' (campaign)

When I came across the following article about a model who has slammed- and I mean, really slammed- Karl Lagerfeld for his offensive comments, I knew I remembered her name from somewhere. Then I located this thread.

Here's the article:

Her critique of Lagerfeld is devastating:

She blasted: "I'm in absolute shock at Karl Lagerfeld's comments. The guy is seriously deluded and irresponsible. He makes me sick.

"If he thinks the fashion industry is all about 'dreams and illusions' then he should go to an eating disorder ward at any hospital.

"That will show him how this fantasy fashion world he has helped build makes women seriously ill and fighting for their lives.

So true. That's the ultimate consequence of the so-called "illusions" that Lagerfeld and his ilk want to create- women suffering and even dying from self-imposed starvation.

The most appalling thing is, I doubt if even a trip to a hospital ward would persuade these designers to stop pushing anorexia as a standard of appearance. Their insistence on a skeletal look in the face of massive public criticism and condemnation from the medical community has proven that they just don't care whose lives they ruin. They only care about pushing their own warped vision, and are sociopathically indifferent the dead bodies and ruined lives that they leave in their wake.

Good for Katie Green for attempting to do something. More such efforts are needed- from everyone.
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