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Default Re: Vampires: A Resurrection

How interesting! Thank you for posting this. Twilight is one of those novels that most people either love or hate, and I must admit that I am definitely not a fan (that horrible Mary Sue of a main character is exceedingly off-putting). However, this post has enabled me to appreciate the series a tad more. Despite the shoddiness of the books, the values displayed in them are quite encouraging, and the presentation of Edward's old-fashioned nature as something desirable is a huge step forward.

Originally Posted by HSG
After reading Meyer's books, young women will no longer feel ashamed of sinking into their boyfriends' arms, of longing to be protected, of wanting to feel safe, of requiring their partners to behave like men who are willing to defend their honour, and take care of them. They will no longer feel obliged to follow an artificial feminist script, but will feel empowered to be traditionally feminine. They will not view being "old-fashioned" as a negative, but as a positive.

This is undoubtedly a good thing. Anything that enables girls to realise that they don't have to be 'tough' or 'manly' in order to be worth anything in life is definitely a positive. It's remarkable (and often scary) how many girls feel they must be 'one of the boys' in order to succeed, make friends, fit in or be 'cool', and force themselves into a false character or personality that is ultimately unfulfiling and does more harm than good.

I've never really looked at Twilight in this way before, but now I can see that some positive aspects of the books do exist. This still won't stop me hoping that they pick up Dracula and find out what real vampires are like, though.
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