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Default Re: Vampires: A Resurrection

Originally Posted by HSG
Would we rather see today's youth reading Stoker? Certainly. But here's the thing--they aren't reading Stoker. They are, however, reading Twilight and The Vampire Diaries, and there is at least a chance that these books will introduce today's youth to forbidden, old-fashioned ways of thinking.

Well, I know of at least one young woman who is reading Stoker, and that is, of course, the amazing Kailee O'Sullivan. I recall this excerpt from the Judgment of Paris interview with her:

“What sort of books and movies do you enjoy? Literature, for example. I read on your Facebook page that you like Dracula.

I loooove Dracula,” she enthused.

Dracula is a great novel.”

“I love that,” she professed. “I read that in senior year of high school, and I love it.”

“You would make a great Lucy Westenra,” I submitted, thinking of Stoker’s fair-haired beauty, and how well Kailee matched her description.

She chuckled. “Maybe. Maybe in theatre school, when I go. But I like that question, because I’ve always loved books and movies.”

“You do?”

“Yeah. I’m such a movie buff. Such a bookworm too.”

So there's hope! Between Kailee and Tamika, we find two young women right there who enjoy the classics.

As this thread suggests, though, hopefully those girls who are reading Meyer and Smith will be prompted, by the pro-vintage elements in the books, to cultivate an appreciation of "the old things," and to discover the rich literary wellsprings of the genre.
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