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Default Re: ''Is fashion over skinny?'' (article)

In order for this industry to change it would take both people at the top (like designers and editors of fashion magazines) and people at the bottom forcing the issue at every opportunity. I think I see some beginnings of this but the voices must become much louder and the pressure much greater and persistent.

This isn't the first time I have heard of a designer from a big fashion house wanting to use fuller-figured models given a difficult time by his/her colleagues. When stylists, editors, directors and other important professionals a designer must work with refuse to work with someone who tries to buck the trend, it can be intimidating. The fashion industry has a powerful establishment network, and those who try to do something different are ostracized or given the cold shoulder. Therefore, it seems, everyone must toe the line.

Which means that it's going to take courageousness and a measure of fierce independence to stand against this kind of size discrimination. Qualities that the current crop of "fashionistas" in general, do not possess.
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