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Default Re: Vampires: A Resurrection

Here's anther way in which the current love of vampires could bring back at least one aspect of timeless beauty - the appreciation of a fair complexion. So says this article, at least:

The point:

It has long been seen as the ideal - a sun-blushed complexion signifies beauty and good health, leaving the pale-skinned English rose struggling to achieve the bronzed look.

But now the classic Saint-Tropez tan is being shunned...

A pale complexion is the new ideal, as women take inspiration from the vampire film New Moon.

Unfortunately, the celebrities featured in the article are very poor representatives of fair beauty, and the article emphasizes how girls are trying to achieve this look through cosmetics, whereas ideally fair features are natural. Plus, there is an important difference between "pale" and "fair" - the ideal is not pallor, but a luminous complexion with a hint of a flush.

On the other hand, I love the fact that the article notes the health-related advantages of fair skin, and even mentions that it is a "classic" ideal:

The trend will come as good news for campaigners against the use of cancer-causing sun beds, which were revealed to be as dangerous as smoking earlier this year.

Siobhan McDermott, of, said: 'Porcelain skin is a classic, chic and glamorous look but has long been shunned in favour of bronzed skin.

'It is great to see that this trend is making women proud to be pale and those who aren't, envious.'

I wish there were an article celebrating this look, but showcasing some of the loveliest plus-size goddesses who have fair features (Kelsey, Kailee, etc.).
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