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Default Re: Kelly S. in Dec/Jan Seventeen

Absolutely stunning. Kelly is getting prettier and shapelier with every shoot.

Someone should show this page to Glamour and tell them, "This is how its done." So far, I am sorry to say, Glamour isnt doing nearly as well at presenting plussize beauty. Glamour was actually doing better before they made their big announcement! They featured Charlotte Coyle, Kailee, etc. earlier this year. But since their pro-curvy declaration, the plussize models have been either nonexistent, or so faux-plus that theyve been indistinguishable from the waifs.

But Seventeen is getting better and better. They are now giving "Curvy" girl Kelly whole pages, not just partial pages the way Glamour does for its dress-your-shape features, and this time, Kelly even has three looks. Its still not as good as a multi-page editorial would be, but the progress is incremental and real.

Nothing can take the place of an all-curvy magazine like Figure. But at least Seventeen really appreciates Kelly, dresses her well, and shows off her curves.
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