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Default Re: Eleventh Anniversary

Happy anniversary! It's amazing to think that this site has existed for eleven years...eleven years of being an oasis of beauty in the midst of ugliness and androgyny.

A sobering post. Hannah is spot on when she says that many people involved with plus sizes still think they are inferior to the straight-size industry...which is, of course, entirely untrue. The only way the toxicity of the straight-size industry can be overcome is with the vastly different and beautiful aesthetic of plus-size modelling. Unfortunately, the problems described above threatens to undermine the power of the plus-size model, and it is indeed a terrible case of becoming the very thing one is fighting.

More models like Mia Tyler, who openly express that they are doing it for a reason and trying to make a social change, are absolutely necessary to increase the power of the plus-size modelling industry, and eventually make a change in the public mindset regarding what they see as beautiful.
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