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Default Re: Eleventh Anniversary

Originally Posted by Hannah
I remember Mia Tyler once priding herself on saying that she, like her fellow plus-size models, was "not just 'being a model,' but doing it for a reason." That's exactly right. It's not the model part that's important. It's being a totally different kind of model, promoting completely different values (healthy rather than underweight, timeless rather than modern, feminine rather than androgynous).

I could not agree more with this. It's so true, plus-size models are bringing health and wellness back, helping to eradicate the need for girls to starve themselves, and they are such valuable and amazing role models to the younger generation who will hopefully grow up into women who firmly stand against the waif-thin craze. Plus-size models are definitely not just models, they embody strength, beauty, health and the chance to bring back timeless, classic full-figured bodies.

Happy Anniversary!
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