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Default Feminine faces more attractive, study finds

At last, here is some scientific proof of something that people have been saying on this site for years.

A new British study has just been published, and its findings reveal that women with higher levels of estrogen develop more feminine faces, and "The faces considered most healthy and feminine were also deemed the most attractive."

The study appears here:

And it comes with a "computer-generated composite face of the 10 women with highest and lowest levels of oestrogen." The face on the left is the most feminine, and the one on the right, the least:

I find this amazing. How often have we had discussions of the timeless preference for "soft, rounded facial features" on this site, over more androgynous looks? The face on the left is indeed much rounder, fuller, and softer, and is much closer to the face of Shannon Marie, Kelsey Olson, Christina Schmidt, or Lillian Russell, than the face on the right.

It's a prime example of science vindicating the timeless ideal.
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