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Default Kelsey: A Princess Bride (video)

Since a wedding theme has run through several recent threads on this forum, the time seems right to share the most gorgeous vision of bridal beauty that mortal eyes ever seen.

The following video comprises five clips that appeared on a few season ago, showing the radiant Kelsey Olson modelling the company's bridal line.

The beauty of Kelsey in this video can scarcely be believed. Her physique appears irresistibly soft, unflawed by even a hint of muscle tone. The dresses are of varying designs--some flow outwards, while some come close to the body, and those that do suggest the alluring fullness of her well-fed physique. Perhaps the most intoxicating sight of all is the view of the undulating curves along her back, which are clearly visible as she turns. But while the model's figure offers a sensual impression of weight, her movements are as sooth and graceful as a ballerina's. Indeed, this video offers the loveliest impression of a goddess in fluid motion that we have ever seen. Her expressions are playful, yet elegant, from big open-mouthed smiles, to giggles that you can almost hear, to coy, flirtatious glances. And the hairstyles are utterly enchanting, particularly given the fact that Kelsey's luxurious tresses are all her own. Observe in particular the magnificent style that she wears in the second look, with her hair flowing over her shoulder in a golden cascade.

* * *

Watch, as Kelsey models the first look, how confidently she walks toward the camera. She would obviously be at home on any catwalk. Notice how the model's hips and thighs can be perceived through the flowing fabric.

As she hits her mark, she offers a big, open-mouthed smile that absolutely radiates joy. She convincingly adopts the persona of a beautiful bride at her wedding--ecstatic that the blessed day has finally arrived, and delighted at being the centre of attention (although anyone as lovely as Kelsey would be the centre of attention every day of her life).

As she gracefully turns first to one side, then the other, observe how she consciously displays her soft, full arms, presenting them to the viewer like objects of irresistible allure. Indeed, the attraction of this particular gown lies in how effectively it frames the wearer's luscious arms. The dress epitomizes the "body-as-fashion-accessory" principle, whereby the bared portions of a plus-size figure, in all their sensual abundance, are the key elements of attraction, and the garment is designed to showcase those features.

The sight of the model from the reverse view is just as alluring. Observe how her golden hair--her own authentic tresses--cascade gently down her back. The bare expanse of the model's person is the other visual highlight offered by this flattering gown.

As Kelsey walks away, the viewer perceives her generous silhouette. On a waif, this dress would resemble an empty sack, but the model's womanly figure gives it an attractive, curvaceous shape.

* * *

The second dress is undoubtedly the loveliest in the collection. The sash at the waist is a winning touch, as is the ruching of the skirt. Fittingly, Kelsey adopts her most elegant demeanour for this video. Her hairstyle is most regal here too, a 'do that is very princess-like, yet youthful as well. (Observe it in motion, in the video.) No other model has tresses as versatile as Kelsey's, and no one else has worn such an astonishing variety of gorgeous hairstyles in her career.

Miss Olson has an uncanny knack for striking just the right poses and expressions to make herself as delightful as possible. Here, she beams with happiness as she flashes another big, open-mouthed smile.

The dress is every bit as pretty from the back as it is from the front. Notice how deftly Kelsey works each gown, here pulling the loose fabric toward her body, allowing her figure to from the dress into a curvy shape.

Watch for a particularly enjoyable moment near the end of this clip. When Kelsey makes her final turn, she visibly laughs out loud, as if someone on the set cracked a joke that tickled her fancy. Nevertheless, she seamlessly integrates this moment of cute giggling into her performance, which illustrates the captivating persona of a young bride--elegantly attired, but still an adorable young girl at heart, whimsical and playful.

* * *

The third gown offers the most alluring view of Kelsey's replete figure.

As she hits her mark, watch how she leans forward just a little, to accentuate the glimpse of decolletage that this dress offers.

Throughout each of the five clips in the video, observe how effectively Kelsey showcases the dresses via her sinuous, balletic movements.

Here she deliberately offers another look at her luscious arms, well aware that every viewer will be focussed on these gorgeous features.

As she begins her turn, observe how the satiny fabric, loose as it is, seeks to cling to her every curve, wanting to embrace her. The proportions of her substantial figure are clearly visible.

But the most seductive moment appears as she turns and displays the gown from the reverse view.

Notice, in this image, that most sensual of all physical features in true plus-size goddesses, the alluring curves along her back.

As she departs, her dress conforms itself to the rondeur of her Classical contours.

Her final turn offers a clear view of the generous outlines of her figure.

* * *

The fourth look may seem a tad casual for a wedding, but it displays aspects of Kelsey's stunning beauty better than any other outfit in the series. Most thrilling of all, the abbreviated skirt offers glimpses of her round, shapely legs.

The dress also conforms itself to her body in such a way as to define the womanly curve of her hips.

But what makes this video particularly exciting is the sight of Kelsey deftly slipping off her white shrug.

It is a moment of pure poetry, as the garment flows down her arms.

It is hard to believe that anyone could be this innately graceful. Her every movement is fluid, as if she were performing a perfectly choreographed dance. But for Kelsey, this is all natural, all effortless.

Don't miss the intoxicating sight of her soft, shapely legs, more attractive than those of any other model, as she shifts her weight.

A turn offers a heart-stopping view of her profile, exhibiting the opulence of her 39" waist.

Kelsey could be the most exciting plus-size model by virtue of beauty alone, but her talent for striking poses that are natural, yet elegant, is incomparable.

The walking-away segment leaves a captivating impression of the richness of her proportions.

* * *

The hat accessory on this final look may be an acquired taste, but oh, what a beautiful dress this is--especially thanks to the alluring manner in which Kelsey's curves fill it out.

The model flirtatiously exhibits the lush roundness of her arm.

A profile view shows how attractive this design is at the bust, at least when worn by a full-figured goddess.

What makes this dress especially charming is the bow-tied sash at the back. Watch how it catches the light and sways in accord with the gown.

Here, Kelsey's brilliance as a model is evident, as her graceful movements allow the material to flow in a highly appealing manner.

Like Salome dancing with her veils, Miss Olson deftly clutches the fabric and draws it towards herself, controlling its movements, and allowing her figure to from the dress into a voluptuous shape.

Again, notice how effectively the bow-tied sash embellishes the gown, leading the eye along its contours. The luxuriance of the model's figure is breathtaking.

Like an artist signing her masterpiece, Kelsey offers a final glance at the viewer during her concluding turn.

* * *

Finally, after our lengthy preamble, here is the video itself. Although the individual Torrid clips were initially silent, we have added a soundtrack to this composite video--the famous bridal chorus of Wagner's Lohengrin, from von Karajan's definitive recording of the opera.

Kelsey possesses the most gorgeous figure of any current plus-size model. Not only is she a Classical goddess by virtue of her soft, fair appearance, but her movements are correspondingly feminine and graceful. She is in every way the embodiment of timeless beauty.
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