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Default Re: Kelsey: A Princess Bride (video)

It would appear that Miss Olson's bridal videos are extremely popular, as all of her campaigns throughout 2009 have been. Her attractiveness and talent have now earned her yet another honour for her work.

We have not updated the results page of the voting on the Judgment of Paris Survey for several seasons, and in that time, the lead has passed from one model to the next. But currently, Kelsey is the most popular of all plus-size models--and little wonder that she is. With a beauty that is unmatched by any other currently working full-figured model, as well as a graceful fluidity of movement and a legitimately curvaceous figure, she is the very embodiment of the timeless, feminine ideal.

Please click on the link below to see the latest update for the survey-results page.

Modelling for the Bon-Ton, in one of her very first campaigns (an image that we have never before released):

- "No Second Troy"

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