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Default Re: Greece still loves curvy beauty (article)

Originally Posted by Tamika
The love of food is one of the wonderful characteristics of Greek culture, and weight-related concerns about diving into the hearty meals and sweet desserts are nowhere to be found. It is a wonderfully common sight to see Greek women eating as much as they like whenever they like, and beautifying their figures in the process.

You deserve to be very proud of your heritage, Tamika. Ancient Greece was the cradle of Western civilization, and there is hardly a thought or value of any worth in our culture that is not directly due to the influence of Antiquity. From Aristotle down to the great Nietzsche (who lived in the Greek world more than he did in his own time), Western culture was enriched by an unbroken line of philosophical thought based on Classical precepts, a conceptual lineage that gave it form and purpose.

The severing of that link, after WWII, has had disastrous consequences for Western society, which has since devolved into chaos, degeneracy, and aimlessness. However, classical Greece remains a beacon, an opportunity, a wellspring from which those who wish to right our civilization can draw.

The influence of Greece can also reorient any individual's personal compass, as it did for the writer of the above article. For her, going to Greece was not a journey to a foreign land. Rather, it was a case of immersing herself in her true culture--for Classical civilization is the authentic home of the Western spirit.

It is modern North America that is philosophically foreign to all those who are of European descent--however many generations back their European origins may be. Since the American media is governed by artificial ideologies and alien values ("slave morality," as Nietzsche termed it, or what we call the "aesthetics of guilt"), Europeans in their adopted home across the Atlantic are living in a land where the dominant media values are essentially foreign to them.

But by going to Greece, and immersing herself in a latter-day Classical culture, the writer of the article found her true, spiritual home. Her German-American soul is Greek, as she writes; as is the soul of all Europeans, even those who have been transplanted to America.

True Western beauty does not consist of emaciated frames that are native to a more arid environment. Timeless, Classical femininity is lush and fertile--consisting, as the writer says, of "hips, thighs and tummies," of women who eat with "enthusiasm," who "not only have a little extra padding around the middle, but flaunt it," and whose "hips spill out over the top of their pants" in an irresistibly sensual manner.

And the writer is absolutely right when she says, so colloquially but proudly, that "Aphrodite was a chubby chick." Or to put it another way, when the Greeks created the goddess of beauty, they gave her the generous proportions of true, feminine attractiveness. It was only natural for them to make a lavish appetite one of the key attributes of Aphrodite, for they knew that the more beautiful the goddess, the more inclined she would be to "eat as much as she likes, and to beautify her figure in the process," as our Greek contributor Tamika puts so well.

* * *

Imagine if all of the European-descended inhabitants of North America were to throw off their alien media, with its foreign values, and reestablish a culture based on Classical ideals. Those latter-day Aphrodites known as "plus-size models" would become our icons of beauty, and all women would rediscover their true selves, as did the writer of the aforementioned article--becoming "50 percent less self-conscious," and 100 percent more beautiful.

The Crouching Aphrodite of Doidalses (Roman copy of a c.250 B.C. Greek original):

Click to enlarge

Observe how lovingly the sculpture has depicted the curvaceous waist of this well-fed goddess of beauty.

- The Judgment of Paris Pinacotheca

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