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Originally Posted by Tamika
It is up to each and every one of us to further the cause of size celebration and aesthetic restoration...even though we may not be models, or photographers, our very actions and words can serve as an inspiration to those around us. Even the tiniest pro-plus act can plant the seeds of doubt towards the thin-tyranny in people's minds.

Tamika has, in fact, has committed more than a few exciting pro-plus acts herself, not the least of which was distributing a 1890s pro-curvy advertisement among her peers in order to demonstrate how aberrant the modern promotion of thinness really is, and how every other era of human history favoured a fuller-figured ideal. Her video, posted above, is a marvellous collection of some of the loveliest images of plus-size femininity ever created, accompanied by the dulcet tones of Chloe Agnew--herself a timeless beauty of the first order.

What Tamika says is very true. Posting on this forum is a valuable exercise in roundtable analysis, in bringing together, via a "think tank," a collection of ideas and images with which one can combat curve-o-phobia and weight hysteria. But then it is up to every one of us to take these ideas and disseminate them as far as possible--even to bring them into hostile territory, where they will be resisted.

We can all have an impact. Every one of us interacts with a circle of friends an acquaintances whom we could persuade to embrace the true definition of beauty. Moreover, in this day and age, with the new social-networking technologies and the vast reach of the Internet, we can all touch hundreds, thousands more lives than we ever could have in the pre-wired era.

The proselytizing doesn't have to be vociferous. It can be subtle, discreet--whatever feels most persuasive. Even a single stray comment expressing a preference for full-figured beauty, or a stinging rebuke of the emaciated standard, can help shatter the media myth that thin-worship is universal, and can persuade others that, instead, curve-adoration is the norm.

On the other hand, if you do possess the talent to assemble a Web video, or to print leaflets, or to publicize the message in a more vigorous manner, then by all means do so. The more voices are raised in support of true femininity, the sooner the timeless ideal will be restored.

The institutionalization of the androgynous look occurred because a group of individuals with warped, alien tastes infiltrated the mass media and began to permeate it, slowly but surely, one avenue at a time, bringing in ever more like-minded individuals, until they dominated it completely. Only a similar, slow march through the institutions will ever be able to reverse the damage that they have done, and break their monopoly.

But it can happen--and it will, so long as everyone follows Tamika's example and does whatever they are able to make the dream of an aesthetic restoration a reality.

Kelsey Olson (size 16/18), the most beautiful and popular of all currently working plus-size models, photographed by Michael Anthony Hermogeno, in a masterpiece of gently sensuality:

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