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Default Re: Vol Magazine: The Dutch MODE

It's funny that you should refer to that circle, because Kirsten (who has a working knowledge of Dutch) also noted this feature. The circle indicates that the issue contains an "insert" devoted to . . . chocolate. Only after Kirsten pointed this out did we discover that such an insert had, indeed, been included with our copy of Vol.

And what an insert! It is, in fact, an entirely separate 60-page magazine of its own, approximately half the size of a standard 8.5"x11" magazine, but printed on the same high-quality glossy paper stock that one sees in Vol itself.

The theme of the supplement is nothing less than a full-fledged celebration of chocolate, in every form imaginable. In addition to many fashion editorials showcasing chocolate-hued attire (as the cover indicates), it includes pages upon pages of desserts, cakes, candies, and other delicacies.

The issue also features a clever accessories editorial that groups items according to "flavour"-themed colours, such as "dark chocolate" for dark brown, "milk chocolate," for off-white, "butterscotch" (as seen below), and others.

It even features cosmetics layout that is similarly organized according to a chocolate theme:

Furthermore, the supplement includes another travel article about a European city, this time spotlighting Antwerp. And in case you're wondering, that palace-like structure in the illustration below is actually Antwerp's main train station. The unrestrained opulence of this 19th-century Historicist marvel harmonizes perfectly with the decadent, lavish tone of the entire issue.

(We felt compelled to post this page at a larger size.)

In this supplement, Vol clearly intends to capture some of the the "Pleasure Zone" quality of the original Mode, along with its unapologetic celebration of La dolce vita ("the sweet life"). We have never seen the quintessentially feminine love of food and fashion integrated in such a chic and delightful way. One would almost think that this supplement was a special project designed to transform every self-denying modern waif back into a full-figured Baroque goddess.

(Could there possibly be a better goal?)

The only shortcoming of Vol remains its glaring lack of truly gorgeous models. This is truly an unfortunate drawback, and it severely limits Vol's subversive power. If only Vol's models were more aesthetically remarkable, it would indisputably be one of the finest plus-size projects ever created.

* * *

Those of you who have asked about subscribing to Vol might wish to enlist the services of a wonderful and friendly enterprise called "Typical Dutch Stuff" ( We obtained our own subscription to Vol via this company, and the first issue arrived well-packaged and in perfect condition. Obviously aimed at Dutch emigrees nostalgic for reminiscences of the Old Country, has a quaintness that is most appealing.

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