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Default Re: Moral panic over weight (article)

I bought the book a few years ago and it is very good reading. A true eye opener! One thing that Paul Campos touches on in his book is the interesting fact that many of the people who enter the field of nutrition become powerful arbiters and leaders in the field, deciding what is healthy and what is not, and the scary thing is that they have often suffered from or still suffer from serious eating disorders. Many nutritionists and others in related fields were anorexic. Many probably still are. Therefore, their ideas about food and weight are grossly abnormal. Yet, these sick people who need help dealing with their own food issues are allowed to enter fields where they get to twist and confuse the minds of the public. So, not only have they NOT dealt with their own disordered eating and twisted view of food, but they foist their disordered ideas onto the public - all on the government's dime, of course! People who loathe food and are afraid of it telling the entire world how to eat "healthy".

In an odd way it's rather like the fox guarding the hen house.
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