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Default Re: Generous thighs healthy (article)

Originally Posted by Hannah
How sad that some women feel uncomfortable about having large thighs. Women are naturally predisposed to have fullness in this area - for good reason, as it turns out. Full, curvaceous thighs are beautiful figure features, and markers of health too - as are all features of plus-size beauty in women.

Like plump upper arms, generous thighs are particularly attractive aspects of full-figured femininity. As is evident from Classical sculpture and Old Master paintings, the great artists of the past loved to depict their goddesses with luscious thighs. They did so not primarily because they realized that these features were attributes of health (although they undoubtedly intuited this, since women with emaciated thighs were very obviously sickly looking, and still are). Rather, they did so because they considered these features sensual and beautiful. And so they are.

The studies cited in this thread offer ample grounds for plus-size models to be photographed with an emphasis on their full thighs; not to have these features hidden, or disguised, or minimized with Photoshop, but accentuated and celebrated. If women regularly viewed images of models with sumptuous thighs, they would feel comfortable, even proud, of possessing these figure features. They would feel beautiful--and healthy too.

Jeanna Crawford, well-fed former Wilhelmina girl, modelling for Penningtons several seasons ago. Notice how the image emphasizes her attractive, womanly, healthy thighs.

- A Baroque Venus with similarly opulent thighs

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