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Default Re: Men prefer curves; women think men don't (study)

No question that the fashion industry has pulled a devious and sinister trick by diminishing models' sizes to the point where people look back on yesterday's so-called supermodels and consider them "curvy." Those models were underweight then, and they are still underweight today. The fact that the standard has gone from an 8 to a 6 to an emaciated 2 or 0 doesn't change the reality that a size 8 was, and still is, far below the natural, median size for women. To call models the size of yesterday's supermodels "plus-size" is a grotesque deception, and an insult to full-figured women. Plus-size models should, at the very least, be over a size 14--large enough to actually purchase plus-size clothing.

But let's come back to the original article in this thread, which reaches such a dismaying conclusion about women's seeming inability to believe in the male preference for plus-size beauty.

The fact that men prefer fuller-figured women has been widely reported. What hasn't been acknowledged, until now, is that men are attracted to women who are truly plus-size, not just "Christina Hendricks size" (which isn't full-figured at all).

So why do women refuse to believe this? Much of it may have to do with how plus-size women are depicted in the media. In the fashion world, they are all but invisible. In film and television, they are shown as the frumpy "best friend," not the girlfriend; the marginal outcast, plagued by body-image issues, riddled with low self-esteem, who sees herself as unlovable (and is often scripted to be just that). No wonder women refuse to acknowledge that men could be attracted to plus sizes. That's what the media has taught them to believe--and women, even more than men, have a tragic tendency to accept media propaganda as the gospel truth, as a genuine depiction of reality.

But the fact is that most men do not picture a frumpy Rosie O'Donnell when they yearn for a curvier beloved. Rather, they picture Kelsey Olson, or Shannon Marie, or Charlotte Coyle. They associate a fuller female figure with sexiness, with voluptuousness, with buxom seductiveness. And it doesn't diminish their attraction in the least if a goddess is a size 16 or a size 26. The soft, well-fed, feminine look is what they find irresistible.

If images of today's most popular full-figured models proliferated in the media, then women would believe that plus-size beauty represents the epitome of attractiveness for most men.

Consider this captivating image of Kelsey Olson, the loveliest and most popular plus-size model working today. With her flowing blonde hair, baby-blue eyes, soft figure, and soulful, faraway gaze, she seems to have materialized from a dream of ideal beauty--the dream that resides in every human heart. The tresses draw the eye towards her buxom curves in a gently sensual manner.

If full-figured girls thought to themselves "I look like Kelsey Olson," not "I look like Camryn Manheim," then they would see themselves as desirable, and attractive, and irresistible too. Anyone looking at Kelsey would have to acknowledge her as one of the most beautiful women of all time, and if they associated themselves with her look, even a little, they would realize that they were beautiful as well.

- Photograph by Michael Anthony Hermogeno

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