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Default Re: ''Say No to Size Zero'' (campaign)

Originally Posted by Nazira
the fashion industry excuses these corpse models because some of them might not have eating disorders. Whether the models themselves eat or not isn't the point. The fact is constantly viewing these images does cause eating disorders.

Yes. That is precisely the point. The emphasis should not be exclusively on whether the models themselves are clinically anorexic, or merely look that way. If they are ill (and most of them appear to be), this is tragic, and shows the need for serious medical scrutiny of the fashion world. But what really matter is the damage that their images do to others--to women in general, and especially to young girls, who are the most vulnerable of all to thin-supremacist brainwashing.

Let's say that a model were immune to the effects of a certain narcotic. That still wouldn't make it acceptable for her to promote that narcotic. It would be illegal because of the effects of the drug on others, not on the model herself.

Likewise, anorexic imagery has been proven to have a toxic effect on society, and to ruin women's body image, so a model should not be allowed to create such imagery, whether she is personally immune to its effects or not (although very few actually are immune).

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What distinguishes Green's campaign from similarly efforts is the that it doesn't just seek a (commendable) ban on size-0 models, but stresses the need for introducing plus-size models in their place. Simply replacing size 0s with size 2s or 4s would be no advance at all. But introducing size 16s instead of size 0s-6s would constitute real progress, and would genuinely improve the body image of the majority of women.

Courtney Maxwell, Australian model with BGM in Sydney, with very shapely measurements of 46-37-49, modelling for City Chic:

Beauty in full bloom.

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