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Default Re: Beauty vs. ugliness in architecture and fashion

Collapsed warehouse? I would go farther than that and say it looks like a junk heap. Like all the windows in someone's house were shattered and thrown in one large broken pile.

In many ways these so-called great architects help the fashion industry impose their standard. If you can go into a lovely classically built house every night, you have an escape from the horrors outside. Surrounded by the truly beautiful, the brainwashing cannot penetrate your inner sanctum. But when you have to live in the modern world, and then come home to an inhuman, spartan house, there is nowhere to go. Ugliness and hard angles surround you.

And this is their goal. That at some point you do not even have a choice, for them to have total tyrannical control. Just like there are no full-figured-fashion magazines, they want all houses and buildings to be devoid of humanity, minimalism at its worst. And once again, with no other choice but to leave society and roam in the wilderness, you must live every second in this cold, barbaric world with not a splash of warmth or a curve in sight.

But if we protest this with our pocketbooks, for we still can, the true aesthetic will be restored and the fashion industry will have nothing to hide behind. And these people will be exposed for what they are, and no longer will be allowed to rule society.
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