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Default The landscape of beauty

Originally Posted by Emily
Full-figured girls don't want "diverse" magazines, with political agendas, that feature occasional token curvy girls tucked away in a corner somewhere, or merely in "before/after" shopping comparisons. They want all-plus fashion magazines in which full-figured beauty is the ideal; waif-free environments in which plus-size models who are gorgeous and genuinely full-figured appear in every layout, every image, photographed to look as chic and alluring as possible. In short, they want Vogue, but with a pro-plus/curve-adoring instead of pro-anorexia/anti-plus editorial philosophy, and with an aesthetic of timeless beauty (feminine fashions photographed in gorgeous natural and classical/historic locations).

So true. "Not diversity, but beauty": This is one of the most crucial distinctions that can be made, when considering how to advance the aesthetic restoration.

There is ever a troubling element in the movement against straight-size fashion that appears to target, not the underweight standard specifically as a false, modern mode of appearance, but rather, beauty itself; that seem to oppose any ideals whatsoever. What a bleak world such individuals wish to create. Banish beauty from the world, and you banish all that gives life meaning, you banish the balm for the soul that makes the tragedy of our finite existence bearable, even pleasurable. Banish beauty and you banish longing, and dreams, and joy. You banish love.

But perhaps this impulse is understandable. Many people today, growing up without a sense of history, without an awareness of the glorious past that existed before the mundane present, may not even realize that there is an alternative to contemporary media culture. They may think that their only choice is between fashion-industry emaciation and homely "reality." They may have accepted the media's lie that "beauty" comes in single-digit dress sizes, and in their aversion to this obviously corrosive standard, they think that they need to erase beauty itself.

But plus-size models can show them, and show the world, the true definition of beauty. Full-figured goddesses embody the suppressed truth that ideal feminine attractiveness increases as dress size increases, that the soft fullness of voluptuous femininity is a higher expression of loveliness than the minus-size illusion.

What size-celebration seeks is the replacement of an unhealthy standard with a healthy one, the transposition of a false vision with truth, the supplanting of brutal modernism with timelessness, the end of the modern aesthetics of guilt and the restoration of the Classical ideal.

Kailee O'Sullivan (Click NY, Hughes London), the most romantic of plus-size models, in a dramatic image which associates her attractiveness with the epic splendour of a natural landscape.

- Kailee O'Sullivan galleries

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