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Default Re: Blasts from the Past

I like the vintage Coca-Cola ads. When I was a child, I had a Coca-Cola keepsake tin that featured artwork and an ad similar to this one.

And thank you for posting the review about Kate and Leopold. I had missed it when it first came out, so I bought a copy yesterday and watched it. Now I'm sorry I missed it on the big screen--what a treat it was.

While watching, I noticed an intriguing detail:

When Leopold wakes up on the time-traveler's couch, he accidentally leans on the television remote control. The set switches on, and there on the screen are images from the ground-breaking 1960s television series, The Prisoner.

Are the creators of the film suggesting that the modern era is a prison, an artificial village within which Leopold (and by extension the film's viewers) is imprisoned? An interesting subtext for a light romantic comedy!
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