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Default Re: Vampires: A Resurrection

Originally Posted by Hannah
Here's anther way in which the current love of vampires could bring back at least one aspect of timeless beauty - the appreciation of a fair complexion.

Yes! There was another article about this in a Canadian newspaper just the other day:

The significant excerpts:

Jane McKay, a senior artist with MAC Cosmetics in Toronto, says younger customers bewitched by the pallid lovers aren’t coming for bronzer anymore. They want lighter foundation and pale powder...

The first Twilight movie sold Marta Tryshak, a 21-year-old University of Toronto student, on Bella and Edward’s faded beauty. Tryshak says she likes the pale skin tones, flushed cheeks and natural lip tones.

Bella’s embrace of natural beauty sends a positive message to young girls, Tryshak says.

Its nice to hear of girls turning away from that horrid orange, radioactive-tan look that Hollywood promoted for so many years. And the fact that the student quoted in this article mentions a love of "flushed cheeks" is important, because it means that what girls are appreciating in themselves is a fresh, fair complexion - not corpse-like whiteness, but a healthy, delicate peaches-and-cream skin tone. The timeless look, in other words.

And yes, I do think it sends a positive message to young girls, not just to avoid cancer-causing tanning, but also that they should appreciate their natural appearance, the skin tone they were born with, and not try to change it.

Let us hope that this idea of appreciating their God-given look stays with them, and helps them love their natural figures as well as their natural complexions.
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