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Default Re: Sienna Miller: Plus-size models are ''more beautiful''

Gossip magazines frequently ask celebrities to comment on pop-culture "hot topics" du jour, prompting the celebrities to offering bland but mildly entertaining statements that give them some easy P.R.

What makes this comment from Sienna Miller more notable than most such publicity utterances is that she specifically references plus-size models. This is an encouraging sign.

1. It shows that the concept of the "plus-size fashion model" has attained sufficient public recognition that someone like Miller (a) knows what a plus-size model is, and (b) doesn't consider the idea too esoteric to mention. After all, she could have simply decried size-zero models without citing any alternative. Or, she could have referenced larger women in the media such as Camryn Manheim, Rosie O'Donnell, etc.--the standard go-to names when topics such as these come up.

But no, the notion of a "plus-size model" is now sufficiently familiar that it was the first idea that came to Miller's mind. And as we have often pointed out, plus-size fashion models provide much better alternatives to media waifs than typical full-figured celebrities do, because plus-size models are indisputably gorgeous in a way that young women acknowledge and are inspired by.

A young girl will not have her self-esteem boosted by being grouped in with a matronly figure like Camryn Manheim. But if she is classified with Kelsey Olson or Christina Schmidt or Charlotte Coyle, she will receive an ego boost.

2. When referencing plus-size models as an alternative to waifs, Miller doesn't deem them to be preferable due to their representing "diversity," or embodying a "healthier" choice. No, she prefers them because they are "more beautiful" (her words) than skinny girls. Thus, not only is the category of full-figured modelling gaining widespread recognition, but it is becoming synonymous with the most important quality of all when it comes to overturning modern androgyny and achieving an aesthetic restoration: beauty. Sienna Miller considers the phrase "plus-size model" interchangeable with "beauty"--and superior beauty at that. This is a tremendous advance.

The more recognition that plus-size models achieve, the better are the chances that size celebration will take hold in the culture and end the worship of thinness. However, the basis for Miller's preference (an aesthetic choice based on beauty, not a political choice based on "diversity" or "health") should make very clear to the industry the importance of choosing the most gorgeous (and curviest) models possible.

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