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Default Re: Living in a better time

Originally Posted by HSG
Forum reader and contributor Maureen recently sent us a link to a British article about women who have rejected the modern world and embraced a more traditional existence.

Thank you for the article, Maureen. It's empowering to find some women defying the modern rules about what they should think, how they should behave, and in what manner they should live their lives. As was said in a different thread, being traditionally feminine these days and believing in traditional values is the truly bold move, the sign of a unique spirit, in contrast to marching in lock-step with the rest of society into the workplace (or into a gym-prison) - and into unhappiness.

If only women could also embrace traditional, more natural ideals of beauty too, then they would really be free (and happy). The two, being naturally feminine and naturally full-figured, go hand-in-hand, and together comprise true beauty.
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