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Default Re: ''Celebrate that over-indulgence''

Originally Posted by Tamika
A women trying to fight her inborn femininity is just as futile as an Asian trying to fight their ethnicity or a contralto singer trying to be a soprano. It will only cause damage, and it will never bring happiness.

Or as futile as a woman trying to fight her appetite, her natural inclination to be curvaceous.

I couldn't agree more with Tamika. I'm so glad to see that some girls are acquiring this wisdom at a young age. It will spare them a lifetime of dissatisfaction and malcontent.

These are some of the most significant ideas that have been discussed on the forum all year. It's so easy to just follow blindly and accept what the media, and the media-brainwashed elements of society, claim is the "correct," "modern" way for women to look, behave, and live (androgynous, modern, masculnized - all rubbish). It's vital to look past the politically correct programming and get in touch with your true instincts and desires. Call it "natural law," or whatever you like, but a woman thrives when she embraces her traditional femininity, and that which is a part of it - her natural beauty.
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