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Default Re: Shannon Marie: Seventeen

Of all of the images that were posted this year, this may have been the most memorable of all (even though it's from several years ago). It's so thematically perfect - the plus-size model exhibiting timeless beauty, with her soft facial features and golden hair, being preferred by a GQ to the bitter, envious, resentful, androgynous, minus-size model, who is thinking, "I've been starving and gym-torturing myself the way I'm supposed to, while she relaxes and eats whatever she wants, so how come she's so much more beautiful than me; how come she's still the favourite?"

It's the entire theme of this site, of size celebration, encapsulated in a single picture.

Shannon Marie is still the most beautiful model of all time, and I can't stop hoping that she might come back. She'd still be younger than most plus-size models working today, since she began modelling in her early teens. If there can be an aesthetic restoration, there can be a return of Shannon Marie.
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