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Default Re: Kelsey: A Princess Bride (video)

Originally Posted by Emily
The most enchanting moment comes at 1:01, when the triangle chimes at the very instant that Kelsey slips off her white shrug -- as if the movement were choreographed to the music, truly like a modelling ballet; or as if the tone were a heavenly chime sounding at the view of such celestial beauty.

I agree - it's so beautiful. I've watched the video many times now, enraptured by Kelsey's angelic appearance and graceful movements, and that moment in particular makes me sigh.

I'm so happy that Kelsey is now the favourite in the survey voting. She deserves it. She has always been amazingly beautiful, but over this past year she has blossomed into an absolute goddess - the very definition of the timeless ideal. She's the loveliest model working today, no doubt about it, and I hope we get to see much more of her in 2010.
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