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Default Re: Defend what you love

Interestingly enough, I found an article relating to this topic and to actress Jessica Alba- who recently won praise on this forum for taking a wonderfully anti-diet position, pro-curvy position.

This article only earns her even more respect, in my opinion. In it, she openly states that she prefers men who have a "sense of chivalry."

Here's the link-

The second part of the article repeats her statements about body image, but here is the first part, with the reference to chilvary:

"Showbiz beauty, Jessica Alba recently confessed that she is very particular when it comes to her boyfriends.

Chivalry, it seems, is not dead in today's day and age, or at least not for Sin City star, Alba, who says that the attribute is essential in men looking to win her heart.

Alba met her current love, Cash Waren early in the year, while filming "Fantastic Four" and she revealed that Waren won her from day one with his well mannered style.

"He is very smart and respectful. Guys should treat women with respect. I am still lady-like and feminine, but unfortunately a lot of men have lost their sense of chivalry. I like a man to open doors and offer to pay", Femalefirst quoted her, as saying."

I really admire her for saying this. I think a lot of women secretly feel this way, but they've been taught not to admit it, in modern society.
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