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Default Re: Aesthetics of Guilt

It's very significant that out of the entire issue of V, it was specifically Candice's exciting image that spurred the writer's self-examination. As soon as that picture was posted on this forum, everyone knew that it was the issue's finest depiction of plus-size beauty, and its most challenging and subversive photo. So it has proven to be.

Many people still don't seem to understand this, but it's when plus-size models are shown to be truly full-figured -- yes, with visible curves all over -- and glamorously beautiful too, that's when they make an impact. That's when they transform people's consciousness, as Candice's picture did for this writer.

Likewise, this thread couldn't have been illustrated with a better image than with that gorgeous photo of Justine. She is the very antithesis of guilt -- a model who is unapologetically beautiful, who flaunts her gorgeousness and expects (rightly) to be worshipped, who feels completely secure in her well-fed figure.
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