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Default Re: Aesthetics of Guilt

For me, the traditional religious aesthetic was something voluptuous and sensual, from the great cathedrals to Bernini's sculptures to the music and hymns of the mass. And not just Catholicism -- the Frauenkirche, with its glorious curves, was protestant Baroque.

It's sad that some channels of religion had such a rigid, bleak aesthetic, and inclined toward self-punishment. I prefer the tradition of richness and opulence that left Europe with so much magnificent art and architecture. Sadder still that the valorization of cold efficiency and denial of the body transplanted itself into modern political ideology (which ironically rejected the good parts of traditional religion, and appropriated the bad).

It just amazes me that so many women feel the way the writer does about the emaciated look -- as if there's something virtuous about self-punishment. There isn't. It's utterly pointless.

There's one thing I really reject in that article, though -- when the writer calls plus-size models "mortals," and someone like Angelina Jolie (ugh!) "superhuman." Hardly. It's the other way around. Plus-size models are goddesses, while Jolie and her ilk aren't even minimally attractive, no matter how much airbrushing the magazines give them.
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