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Default Re: Nine in 10 girls pressued to starve (article)

Originally Posted by Chad
So why doesn't the fashion industry give them what they want? Why doesn't the media create the more natural images that they know would curb eating disorders, improve body image, and sell clothing just as well (or better) than the skeletal pictures that they current produce?

I am sick almost to death of people fomenting and making money from others' insecurity and pain. The diet-medical industrial complex is continuously making over natural traits and phenomena (remember "nighttime mouth" and "cellulite?") as pathologies that can only be cured by products made and marketed by the same diet-medical industrial complex.

The pathologizing of certain weight categories is growing, and the goalposts are in perpetual motion; one woman has written that, in preparation for surgery, she was weighed several times in one day, and each time, the number on the scale was different, varying by as much as 15 pounds. And yet, we're told that it is that number that permits or denies us a stamp of approval from the very people who want us to be sad, miserable, hungry, self-hating -- because that's how they make their living.

I am encouraged that this study shows that girls are hungry (!) for images of healthy, fuller-figured womanhood. What will it take to feed them these visions of health and radiant beauty? When are we grown-ups going to get mad enough to stop giving our money to companies that enrich themselves, parasite-like, at the cost of our and our children's well-being? How far will we let it go before we demand a halt?
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