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Default Re: Nine in 10 girls pressued to starve (article)

I know that this site discourages any political discussions, therefore I'm going to stick strictly to the size-acceptance angle of this story.

The weight-epidemic hysteria has gotten to the point that the gym-crazed First Lady has put her own daughters on a starvation regimen.

The info appears in this piece at the Huffington Post, which is thankfully critical of the First Lady's actions. I note the source because HuffPo is an acknowledged left-wing site, so for it to come out against what is practically child abuse (denying young girls food) is encouraging:

The article makes some important points even outside of the debate about what Mrs. Obama has done:

In the eating disorders world, putting any child on a diet is not only unacceptable but appalling.

In the eating disorders world, a father referring to his child as "chubby" and commenting on her eating habits is not only frowned upon it is reviled.

In the eating disorder world a mother who felt her children were "perfect" should not be corrected by a doctor who points to the children's weight as altering that.

In the eating disorders world it is well-known and embraced that healthy children rapidly gain weight as they approach puberty.

In the eating disorders world it is understood that dieting is an unhealthy behavior, that healthy weight is whatever one's body ends up with

As I said, this is an issue that transcends politics, and would be just as appalling if the family in question were on the Right as on the Left.

I placed the link in this thread because it must be considered in light of the Reuters article which reveals that over 90% of girls are being pressured to starve. As that article notes:

Other top influences on body perceptions, aside from celebrities and models, are peers, friends and parents

How tragic that such a visible family as the First Family offers an example of this abusive behaviour toward young girls.

The forced starvation of the nation's daughters must end. Now.
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