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Default Re: Nine in 10 girls pressued to starve (article)

How bad is this crisis? Worse than you can imagine.

Fully half of all of the SIX-YEAR-OLDS in Britain have now been brainwashed into thinking that they're "over"weight.

Six-year-olds. Unimaginable.

This is the inevitable result of "weight epidemic" propaganda. The diet-exercise and starvation-torture industries are bringing up generations of victims who will be enslaved to those industries' products, when there is nothing wrong with them in the first place.

Note this passage:

The mother of six-year-old Saffron Davis, who opted for the thinnest image, said the attention given to size zero models was responsible for making normal children think they're "over"weight.

She told The Sun: "Saffron looks through my magazines and says her legs are f**. There is a worrying culture of girls thinking they're "over"weight from a very young age."

Last week it was reported that five-year-old Lucy Davis, 3st 9lbs, had been classed as "unhealthily f**" by NHS doctors in Poole, Dorset because she was one per cent over her "ideal" Body Mass Index.

1. Note the source of the problem: the girl looking through her mother's magazines. Let the denials end. For once and for all, people need to realize that, yes, underweight models ARE causing eating disorders, and ARE destroying the body image of girls and young women.

2. Knowing how toxic these magazines are, mothers should at the very least keep them away from their daughters -- and better still, not buy them in the first place.

3. As the last quoted paragraph indicates, doctors are frankly becoming monomaniacal and criminally abusive on this score, like sadists in a dystopian novel -- but it's happening in real life. The BMI charts are junk science, as has been abundantly proven, but doctors still throw them in women's faces. And to call a girl who is just one percent over a target weight on a chart that's bogus to begin with is sickening.
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