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Default Re: Whitney & Caralyn: Tyra's "Fiercely Real" search

Caralyn is very beautiful, but I'm really disappointed that the finalists were all close to the same size. Since the contest was open to girls size 12 to 20, the finalists should have ranged from size 12 to 20, not all of them being at the smallest end. That's so wrong, for all kinds of reasons.

I love Tyra for staging this, but she had a real opportunity to push the envelope and introduce fuller plus-size models. I loved Emme's recent Rachel Ray episode targeting sizes 20+. I wish someone could put the two approaches together: something geared toward teens, like Tyra's angle, but accommodating larger sizes, like Emme's.

Originally Posted by HSG
Caralyn next provided a bit of personal history. "I was in the 'in' crowd," she recounted. "I was with all the cool kids,"

Caralyn's time as a member of her school's popular "in crowd" obviously serves her well as a model.

That's an interesting point. I think fashion sometimes gets so caught up in its "edgy" "outsider" identity that it forgets that there are a lot of mainstream curvy girls who just want to feel good about themselves. Models with accessible, pretty looks really appeal to them.

Actually, both Caralyn and Whitney both have that "popular girl" vibe. Whitney really had it on ANTM, with all the talk of her resembling a cheerleader. It's an attractive quality.

I hope Caralyn wins, but I wish she were fuller figured, at least a size 14.

BTW, there's a new video on YouTube of Whitney on the TV Guide channel:

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