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Default Caralyn in Block Club magazine

An upstate New York magazine called Block Club just ran a short interview with Caralyn in its latest issue, and included a series of photographs of the model that indicate how gorgeous she really is.

I love this picture, in which she displays a bit of the adorable "spoiled princess" quality that was evident in the show. The hair is to die for.

A bit more gentle and demure here. Very attractive top - one that she wore in the second episode of the Fiercely Real contest.

She SO deserved to win! Look at how attractive she is. I wish she were a bit fuller, but I appreciate the fact that she isnt overly toned, but has a natural physique.

The whole photo essay can be found at this link:

And the magazines brief interview with Caralyn is on p.19 of its latest issue, which is online here:
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