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Default Re: Caralyn & Whitney: ''Fiercely Real'' pt. 2

In this world that we live in, we often feel that bronzer and botox are the answer to our problems. The perception of beauty is getting narrower and narrower. Until there is a change, I will no longer take part in this definition of beauty. I choose to define myself differently.

I found Caralyn's video to be absolutely riveting The first time I watched it, my jaw dropped. As she began removing her accessories and taking down her hair, I thought, "Is she undressing?" Tyra is right - it absolutely seizes your attention. Then I watched it again, and really paid attention to her words. It's a powerful statement, especially coming from someone so young. I particularly marked her critique that "the perception of beauty is getting narrower and narrower" - which, of course, has a double meaning (i.e., that beauty is becoming more one-note, but also that models are becoming ever more emaciated and corpse-like).

To hear such an eloquent assertion from a girl who is so extraordinarily beautiful is amazing. Here are some of my own favourite pictures of Caralyn:

I love how soft her face looks here:

"I'm better than you," she's thinking. (I adore her attitude!)

and of course, the masterpiece:

Ooooh. So sensual.
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