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Default Re: Caralyn & Whitney: ''Fiercely Real'' pt. 2

Originally Posted by HSG
Caralyn's posing displayed no evidence of any self-doubt, but her own words, relayed in an emotional voice-over, and subtitled by the show itself, expressed her unaccountable concerns

If there was ever an indication of the need for Tyra's "Fiercely Real" efforts, and a testament to the frightening power of distorted body image, this is it. That someone as thin as Caralyn, barely plus-size even by fashion industry standards, and below the average size of American women, could think that she has full thighs, when her legs are quite slim (as this screen cap shows), is incomprehensible.

I agree with both points. The idea that Caralyn could have even a moment's doubt about her perfectly normal proportions is astonishing. If there is any criticism that could be made of her (there isn't; but if there were), it could only be that she would be an even greater crusader at a slightly fuller size. No girl her age should be in any way troubled about her curves, and the fact that so many teens are makes an injection of fierce appreciation for curviness very much needed.

As for Caralyn's performance in the Fergie shoot, it was excellent. The judges seemed to have paid more attention to Caralyn's very frank and emotional aside than to her technique, which was top notch. Although she confessed to some self-consciousness, there was no evidence of this in her pictures or in the video of her posing technique, since she was just as professional in this case as she was in her denim shoot. As the excerpts video displays, she posed with sass and confidence. Her facial expressions conveyed the sense that she was a bit of a saucy minx, which is exactly what the picture required.

I can't imagine what else the judges wanted from her. I mean, she's 17 years old. Did they want something raunchy? I'm glad that she didn't go that route. As Caralyn's pictures show, she has a knack for creating pictures that convey great sensuality, but are still tasteful and chic.
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