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Default Re: Chloë Agnew / Celtic Woman Videos

Here are a few recent articles about Celtic Woman, with special mention of Chloe.

I love this passage:

I was finally allowed to meet the softly-spoken Chloe, who looks much more beautiful in real life, briefly in a hallway. I really wanted to hug her

Here's another article with a Chloe interview. I like her comments about traditional Irish music and what it means to her:

"Irish music is so connected to our heritage and culture, where we come from," says Agnew, a buoyant and earnest personality whose enthusiasm practically pours through the phone. "You look back to our history: In the hardest times and the happiest times, Irish people turned to music. There are drinking songs. There are songs for milking the cow. Without a doubt it's in our blood.

"All the songs chosen for this show are songs that mean something to us," says Agnew. " 'Galway Bay,' which I sing in the show, is a song my mother, my grandmother, used to sing. I remember sitting on the carpet in front of the fireplace. People can feel that. It doesn't matter whether the music is in Gaelic or English, they take something away from it."

And in this article, Chloe talks about the fans' enthusiasm for their current tour:

“It never ceases to amaze us the reactions we get from the audiences,” Agnew said. “They just get bigger and better. Particularly on this leg of the tour, the audiences have just been wild. We can't sit them down at the end of the night. We can't get them out of the theater fast enough. It's been absolutely just phenomenal.”

“It's so rewarding for us to look out at the audience at the end of the night and you see people openly expressing their emotions, whether they're crying or smiling or just really enjoying themselves — it means the world to us.”

She is such a charming and beautiful young lady.
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